Is Lonzo Leaving Big Baller Brand And His Dad Behind For Nike?

Apparently the Lakers have had conversations with Lonzo Ball as to if his Big Baller Brand shoes are to blame for his chronic ankle issues.

“Yeah, they talked to me. They asked me about it, and I told ’em, ‘I feel comfortable. If I wasn’t comfortable, I wouldn’t play in ’em. If I didn’t play in [his signature BBB shoes], I’d play in Kobe [Bryant’s signature Nike shoe]. I work out in [LeBron James’ signature Nike shoe], but that’s because they’re heavier,” said Ball to ESPN.

In a statement I never thought I would type, the Lakers hopes went down the drain without Lonzo on the court and with his 3rd ankle injury in 2 years I don’t blame the Lakers for looking into this a little bit. Since they officially will not be in the playoffs again this year, they’ve certainly got some time on their hands. Even while rehabbing the injury, his dad Lavar Ball has been kind of quiet. With all the turmoil going on with the Lakers you’d think Lavar would be all over FS1 promoting BBB and the fact that his son is the most important Los Angeles Laker in team history. That is unless the BBB shoes that took 18 months to deliver and cost $500 just aren’t up to standard. If Nike can’t even get Zion’s shoes right how could Lavar Ball nail product development.

First of all I respect Lonzo’s answer to the Lakers. He’s trying to make money from us poor peasants at home who don’t play professional basketball and if he had to play in other shoes, I like that he would choose Kobe’s. That last sentence was just so he doesn’t get cut when LeBron reviews the roster with Magic Johnson in a few weeks.

But now Lonzo just posted this Instagram:

The image and quote seem to indicate that Lonzo might become a Nike guy. Nike has been in hot water recently in the wake of Zion’s #shoegate, so it would be huge if they could recruit Lonzo away from his dad and the Big Baller Brand. The caption is even more of a stab in the heart to Lavar. Lonzo is saying he’s moving on to “bigger and better” and using the hashtag MY OWN MAN. Scrolling through the Gram I don’t see one single image of Lavar. No Father’s Day posts, happy birthdays, thanks for convincing Magic to take him with the 2nd overall pick. Lonzo is making it clear that he is his own man after just turning 21 and having his first child.

Lonzo signing with Nike and separating himself from his dad is a bigger stain on BBB than Lavar’s actual teeth. If you paid the $500 for those BBB sneakers, let us know how your ankles are doing.



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