Famous Last Words: UCF Big Man Tacko Fall Says He Won’t Allow Zion to Dunk on Him

One of the more intriguing matchups in the Round of 32 in the NCAA Tournament this weekend is 9 seed UCF, challenging the top overall seed Duke. And even if you don’t find that matchup interesting, ESPN is gonna force it down your throat anyway. So, you mine as well tune in Sunday instead of having Mike Greenberg slobber all over it on Monday morning.

Even though this should be an obvious Duke win (respect the reverse jinx, I have Gonzaga) the cast of characters in this game keeps it interesting. On one hand, you obviously have Zion. But for UCF, they have this monster 7’6 Center named Tacko Fall. His highlight tape is just a million blocked shots without him ever leaving his feet. It’s actually pretty awesome how inferior his opponents look attacking the rim. 

Big Tacko might have slipped up though. After their huge win against VCU, Fall had this to say on his Golden Knights matching up with Zion:

“I won’t allow it. I won’t allow him to put me on one of his highlight tapes.”

Oh no, Tacko, why? Whyyyy would you say that? I love the manner in which he says he won’t “allow it” as if he is a Mom who won’t let their kids watch TV until they finish their homework. This quote would be better suited for a parent telling their kid they can’t stay out past 11pm. Not referring to playing walking Hoop Mixtape, Zion Williamson and not “allowing” him to dunk on you. No one allows Zion to dunk on them, it just happens. It’s like taxes. You don’t allow yourself to be taxed by the government, but when you get that paycheck it damn sure happens. 

This quote is the reason that Freezing Cold Takes exists. It will be tough to dunk over a living, breathing 7’6 giant but now Zion has all the motivation to do so. Plus, we’ve seen 7 footers get posterized before like D Wade over Anderson Varejao. So, I’m not taking the possibility off the table for the most ferocious dunker we’ve seen in the god damn Monstar that is Zion.

Tacko…I am rooting for you, but I will have zero sympathy for you if you end up getting banged on. 

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