Deadspin’s Laura Wagner Can’t Separate Basketball And Politics. This Is My Shocked Face

Two days of the tournament in the books and we’re on hot take alert! Normally the NCAA hot takes are around the normal topics like, should the NCAA pay players or the field of 68 64 needs to be extended. But that’s not what’s on top of mind for Laura “The Righteous” Wagner. No no no, she is more concerned with the 12th seeded Liberty Flames and their highly entertaining upset win over Mississippi State last night.

Is this because she is a big time Mississippi State fan or alumni? Nah, she went to Georgetown and if I had to wager a guess, she probably wasn’t the world’s biggest men’s basketball fan either. No Laura’s big tiff against Liberty University’s first ever NCAA tournament win has zero correlation with the basketball team.

Deadspin: “In case you missed it, your bracket probably got a little worse last night thanks to Liberty University’s upset 80-76 win over Mississippi State. Jerry Falwell Jr.’s infamously strict and alarmingly retrograde universitywon its first game ever in the NCAA tournament ever and I, for one, am praying to the Lord God in heaven that it never happens again.

Nothing against the players, but if Liberty—the ultra-right-wing Christian university that has staunchly supported Donald Trump (drawing ire from some of its own students), and whose legally questionable anti-gay, anti-transgender policies prohibit “sexual relations outside of a biblically ordained marriage between a natural-born man and a natural-born woman”—becomes the tournament’s much-hyped Cinderella team, I’m going to have to learn some satanic rituals.”

Learning satanic rituals just because you don’t like a basketball team winning a game seems a little excessive. But hey, to each their own. Seems L Wags’ issue with the Flames’ win has more to do with the view points of staff members at the university. Not the basketball players, not the basketball coach, not even the university’s athletic director. No Laura just doesn’t seem to know how to separate her political views from everyone’s favorite sporting event.

Love to know what your morning routine looks like everyday. Here is how I envision it:

7 am: Wake up

7:15-8: Search her name on twitter for sub tweets

8-8:30: Make breakfast. Sunflower seed butter on organic Ezekiel bread

8:30-9: Check to see what people are enjoying that day. Figure out a way to poo-poo all over it.

9-9:30: Write blog about how enjoying said thing makes you racist.

9:30-yoga class: Stare out a window holding a cup of coffee with two hands while having both knees tucked closely to chest.

Would like to ask her how close that is but obviously we’re blocked.


This all I have to say about the entire situation, these players just pulled off an awesome upset win. If you really are so anger over the political views of a few of the university’s staff members. And you feel the need to shit all over the team, just don’t watch the tournament.

Big picture people like myself can disagree with someone’s views and still enjoy a good thing. Do I agree with Chick-fil-A hating gay people? No obviously not. If gay people want to get married and be happy you’re an asshole to stand in their way. But with that being said, I’m not going to stop eating their nuggets. They’re just too good and I’m big brain enough to separate the two beliefs. My belief for gay rights and my belief in the pursuit of delicious nugs.

Being so unhappy seems exhausting. Maybe that’s Wag’s problem, girl just needs a nap. Great idea, on Sunday when Liberty is back in action, take a snooze. Curl up to a nice little book, dim the lights and drift off to dreamland. We call that two birds one stone Wags.

PS I guess I have to root for Liberty now right? For no other reason than knowing it bothers Laura. So, go Flames!!!

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