Tom Brady Skiing Has All Patriots Fans Holding Their Breath (And Everyone Else Rooting For Disaster)

If Patriots fans had it our way Tom Brady would be sitting inside a bath of plastic bubble wrap for the entire offseason when he’s not training. Approved activities include sitting on the beach building sandcastles, watching film and trying new recipes for the next TB12 cookbook. Hey Tom…ever heard of Sonny Bono?

But 41 year old Tom Brady will not abide by our demands. If he’s going to play football until he’s 50, we cannot have him even doing a #halfsend like he is on Instagram. I know he’s probably scrolling Instagram seeing all the cool California kids going on ski vacations and doing a full send but what would happen if a little pile of snow snuck up on him and sent him tumbling down this mountain? I’m surprised there aren’t Jets fans hiding in the trees rolling out rumble strips. It’s possible Gisele is even behind this, trying to force him into retirement. She’s been awfully quiet since the last concussion talk on Ellen.

People are not handling the news well. I hope this is a troll and that’s not even him because Patriots fans are in pure disarray.

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