Smart Sends Embiid Flying in Tough Loss to Refs (and Sixers I guess)

First and foremost, congrats to Philly. It took an injury to Horford, the loss of Marcus Smart and Aaron Baynes and 40 free throws from the refs to do it, but I’ll be dammed if people try to take this win away from the Sixers. They earned it.

Since a win over the Celtics is like Haley’s Comet for the Sixers, I’m reaching out to all Celtics fans to say let them have this one. We know it took the stars aligning, pigs to fly and refs to suck for it to happen, no sense it putting much stock into it.

What I am putting stock into is the fact that someone finally stood up and buried that big, dumb idiot Embiid. Of course, who else would do such a thing other than Marcus Smart.

Smart thew Embiid no less than a mile and it’s about goddamn time. Everyone is so tired of Embiid it’s not even funny. I’m not even trying to say he isn’t good, he’s one of the best in the league without a doubt. But no one loves to be a fake tough guy quite like Embiid. He runs his mouth like Connor McGregor or some shit and because of his size few people want to start a fight with him, but Marcus can sniff out a pussy from a mile away. Well worth the ejection and even loss if you ask me.

So enjoy this one Philly. Who knows when you’ll beat the big, bad 5-seed Celtics again. Congrats. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get to bring the same refs from this game to a playoff matchup with the Celts. Then, and only then, would you have a real chance at beating the Celtics in a series.

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