Cam Newton Gave Up Climaxing For The Month Of March

Good thing this isn’t in the middle of a playoff run, because Cam Newton giving up orgasms for the entire month of March is not good for anyone.

Cam’s Instagram is certainly a weird place already with how he types his captions and I’ve considered unfollowing him for it. I am just too busy to have time to decipher hieroglyphics.

Cam stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden for some strange reason and James asked about the flowers on his Instagram, which I truthfully have no idea what he’s referring to.

Cam explained how instead of giving something up once a year like normal Catholic people do, he will be giving up something different each month. In January he decided to stop betting for the entire yet, February he went vegan and in March he has decided to give up nutting. Fast forward to about 2:15 on the video to hear him explain it.

It seems like this started at the beginning of March but I’m not sure Cam has been holding up his end of the bargain. He seems pretty loose and carefree for someone who has not came in 21 days, so I’m skeptical. He says he’s “going through a transition right now” so I’m not sure what that means but he makes it clear he’s not even watching porn either. If you’re a Panthers fan you’ve got to be concerned about this. During the season I want my QB clogged up and focused. But in the offseason?

No one talk to Cam in 10 days.



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