Today In Weird News: British Mom Records Herself Flicking The Bean For Her Husband, Uploads It On Facebook Where Her Son Can See

“A mum was left feeling absolutely mortified after making an epic Facebook mistake.

The middle-aged woman accidentally live-streamed a rather rude video of herself to her 2,000 Facebook friends, instead of privately messaging it.

The saucy clip, which showed Zeinepa Galibova from Bulgaria getting frisky in bed, was intended for her husband’s eyes only.

Her partner is currently away, working in the UK, and she clearly misses him a great deal.

However instead of sending the video to her long-distance lover, the woman accidentally uploaded it as a Facebook story, shocking her friends and family.” Mirror UK

This has got to be one of my all time fears.  Really the fear of any person out there who sends some risky pictures and videos.  You go to send a naughty little snapchat and put it as a story.  Record yourself masturbating, upload it to Facebook.  Anything can happen and it’s always scary.  However this is not about the fear of uploading your private pictures online.  This womans 20-year-old son would be quoted in this article saying…

“The x-rated clip was also viewed by the woman’s 20-year-old son, who told local media in Tuhovishta, that he will be unable to return home for at least five years due to embarrassment.”

Listen brother, I get it, this is a tough blow and something you really can’t recover from.  You’ll never be the same ever again.  Porn, sex, role-play it’s all ruined for you because for now on when you close your eyes, you’ll see your mother on her back spread eagle playing dunk the oreo with herself.  There’s just no way you come back from that.  Think about what’s hot in the streets in porn now.  Step mother, step sister, step brother all he steps.  That’s what the people like, that’s what has them going.  You however, you my friend will see step mother and think about that Facebook video.  Think about your mother on her back with her toes curled slappin’ the bass.  There’s no way to rid your mind of this not even Oedipus could do it.  Whatever you do, don’t poke your eyes out it won’t work.  I do have some questions for this young man though.

Did you watch the entire video?  Did he see it and close it out real quick or watch the entire thing?  Does he still have it?  Will he send it to me?  Did his friends see it?  Is he as freaky as his parents?  Does he have mommy issues now?  Just some basic questions I’d like answered

I also have some questions for his mother.

Are you hot?

That is all I need to know.  Hopefully this family can repair itself and move on.  I am rooting for them, hopefully this 20-year-old young man can still have a sexual relationship knowing his parents are straight freaks.  (I dig it by the way) Sex is human folks, and we should all congratulate this old couple for still doing it.

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