Kyrie to Take Games Off Ahead of Playoffs


I’ll admit I’ve been a bipolar Kyrie fan all season. The year started with hope that Kyrie would take this team over and be the leader he wanted to be. Then the valleys were ugly. He had his foot in his mouth every time there was a mic around and it became hard to really put your faith in him or this team.

Now, only a week or so after a promising road trip that seem to heal some mental wounds, Kyrie is taking a little more prep time heading into the playoffs.

Now Kyrie taking meaningless games off has been something I’ve criticized in the past because I think after a while it showed a lack of effort, not just as a precautionary measure. If guys like Hayward are playing back to backs and shit matchups against the Suns of the world then Kyrie should be out there too. But towards the end of the season, I think this makes a lot of sense.

Do I want the Celtics to fight for a better playoff seed? Sure. Do I think it’s as important as being fully healthy and rested for the playoffs? No. In the end of the day this is an experienced team despite their age. They know what they need to do to win in the postseason. It doesn’t mean they’ll play up to that ability, but they have a better chance of doing so if they’re fully healthy and rested.

Listen, things could get ugly for Kyrie and the Celtics if they get bounced in the first or second round because they didn’t push for a higher playoff seed. However, in a weak Eastern Conference, screw it. Be ready and prepare and pray to be the team that they got last post season and not the majority of this year.

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