It’s Bracket SZN And This Sixers All Tank Bracket Is As Good As It Gets

March means there are brackets for literally everything. What’s the greatest type of meat? Who looks like they smell the worst? Brackets for days. Now besides the March Bitchness bracket, which you need to follow and go vote, this Sixers all tank edition bracket is the greatest.

Look at these names. MCW being a 4 seed is a steal. Might be the favorite to win the entire thing. Also Jahlil is the grit region is laugh out loud funny. Dude had zero grit unless it came deep fried.

My final 4:

TJ (1) vs MCW (4)

Roco (1) vs Hollis Thompson (2)


Hollis Thompson (2) over TJ (1)

10, 9, 8

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