IG Model Doing IG Model Stuff At A Baseball Game

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For the record, only used the words IG Model because Chris called her an IG model. She looks like a Nebraska 8 from this video.

We’ve seen the countless IG boyfriends before doing the most thankless job in the world. But this is my first IG mom. A much tougher look. Letting your daughter boss you around just so she can get your butt cheeks to poke out the right way. Tough sledding. The only thing that can be worse than an IG boyfriend or mom is an IG dad.

That is the lowest of the low. Might as well be the DJ at the strip club your daughter works at. “Coming to the stage. I’ve changed her diapers and taught her how to brush her teeth. She’s my everything. DADDYSSSSSSSSSS PRINCESSSSSSSS!!!!!!”



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