Racer Wins 50M Dash at the Special Olympics With Only His Arms

Stumbled upon this video and it may be a more impressive athletic feat than any dunk or touchdown I’ve ever seen:

Kirk Wint is the man in the video, representing Jamaica at this year’s Special Olympics. What the video of the race doesn’t catch is Wint being brought out to the starting line in a wheelchair. Then, he goes off and flies to the finish line in a crawling position!

Wint is a paraplegic who has deformed legs so he is unable to run. Fortunately, that didn’t stop him from getting busy on the track in Abu Dhabi at the Special Olympics.

As you can tell in the video, he starts out in a crawling position on all fours. Kind of like a baby still learning balance. Then, he absolutely CATAPULTS himself forward using the strength of his arms. I’ll be honest, halfway through the race I thought he was about to smoke the rest of those cats and get gold. Still, Silver is wildly impressive given his arms-only strategy. 
This is the content I want to see. I’m tired of hearing about Zion’s shoe and Lebron being a bad teammate sitting at the end of the bench. Feed me videos all like this instead.

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