Pastrnak Set to Return Tonight and Make the Bruins the Most Dangerous Team in Hockey

Can you feel that? It’s a familiar feeling in Boston. It’s a knot of excitement you feel deep in your gut when you look at your team and think ‘This group right here…I fucking love them. They’re special.’

This Bruins team, especially since the start of 2019, has given me that tingle. The tingle of a championship team. And now the team that has been giving me that feeling you get before a parade is adding one of the elite scorers in the league just in time to strike the fear of god in all opponents.

“Looks like” isn’t necessarily a guarantee, but I’m taking it as one. Pastrnak has been practicing and has seemed antsy to return as of late. Now he’s on the road trip and at the morning skate “looking like” he’s returning. Sounds like a guarantee to me.

It’s a shot of adrenaline to a team that didn’t need it. It’s the perfect storm that forms a championship run. Despite the injuries early in the year and now, this Bruins team has exceeded expectations and put themselves in a position to dominate. Pastrnak will be fresh as ever going into the playoffs. Hopefully the same can be said for Krug and Kevan Miller if we’re lucky.

I love this team and I still think they have not yet gotten the respect they deserve. They don’t need it. They’ll be plenty validated when they’re holding Lord Stanley over their heads.

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