It’s Officially Time to Talk Mookie Money

I don’t know about you guys, but when I walked out of my shower this morning to find out Mike Trout was almost a half a BILLION dollars richer I almost collapsed. It seemed so out of the blue and after enduring this free agency I would’ve assumed there would be a little grace period before the next record-breaking deal, but what the fuck do I know I guess.

With Mike Trout now off the table and settled in with the richest contract in American sports history, it’s time to talk Mookie.

There’s only one player that can even be considered in the same class as Trout and that’s Mookie which raises the question, how much will Mookie get?

Listen I’m not going to stand up here and say Mookie Betts is better than Mike Trout. But outside of the new $430 million man, there’s no one better than Mookie. He’s better than Machado, Harper and Arenado who all signed massive deals this off season, the largest being Harper’s $330 million. That leaves a $100 million window for Mookie to fall into. I think the biggest question will be is it more or less than 400.

People in Boston may bitch and say how can you give any player that much. They’ll say ‘you remember the Crawford feal, the Sandavol deal, even the Hanley deal (to an extent) don’t you?’ And I’ll say I remember them vividly and I don’t give a fuck. Betts is so much better than any of them, and anyone in the league right now outside of Trout, for that matter.

I hope it’s more than 400. I don’t care how much it is, if there’s still no cap in baseball and this is the going rate for MVP talent then bust open the piggy banks, back up the brinks truck, open a GoFundMe, open a Red Sox Venmo, do literally whatever it takes to extend Mookie at 400+ and do it soon. If there’s one take away from Trout and Arenado’s deals it’s they were way easier to get done than Machado and Harper’s free agency. There’s no room to fuck around with Mookie. You hand him the signed blank check, he fills it in and then you go become the first dynasty the league has seen in 20 years. It’s that simple.

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