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Youth Sports Gone Wild 10: Kurt Angle’s Brother Choke Slams Child

When I started Youth Sports Gone Wild I was hoping to never need to break news like this. I want this blog to be both entertaining and a look at how far we have come in society. Youth Wrestling has come a very long way. When I was a kid what I am about to describe was common place. It’s now a once in a million events and that’s awesome but hopefully this never happens again.

This past weekend was the Pa Youth State Championships. 12 mats in a large arena with the best wrestling 12 and under has to offer in the world. Matches are intense and tempers do fly. Parents and the kids have invested time and money to travel clear across Pennsylvania so things can and do get heated. Talking with a member of the local Police department he told me there was many Domestic Disturbances on the weekend and a few arrests. Mainly father’s yelling at their sons. The worst case happened while I was in the stands:

It was a third round consolation match with two under 100lb(I won’t say the actual weight class) wrestlers who must win or go home. The match ended and the losing wrestler took a very nasty hissy fit. Seeing this out of the corner of my eye I see a very large man, later identified as the Brother of Wrestler Kurt Angle, choke slam a child. The crowd quickly started raining down boos and yelled for his arrest which at last sight he was being led away by Police. A spectator in front of me rightfully said we should find out the full story and if the culprit was the father before we jump to conclusions. That if it were her kid though, she would’ve jumped off the ledge and drop kicked the guy.

The officer I spoke to could not speak to whether the gentleman was arrested or not but he did confirm the name, Eric Angle, as the culprit. I can confirm he was not the boy’s father and I hope for many of the wrestlers who do compete under his team that they find a new coach.


Eric Angle was charged today simple assault and the video has been released.


^^Video Removed for Privacy of the Child^^


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  1. I am not saying it is correct to put your hands on a child.But as a coach and someone that knows Eric personally I know he is always for the kids.I know he has an explanation for this and if that kid would ever need anything he would be there.Things are so blown out of proportion these days.Lets get the real and whole story before we judge

    • I too am a youth coach and I don’t know Eric personally but I did watch the incident happen in person. There’s ways to deal with what was going on there. He went the opposite way.

    • I can give you the whole story. I was the coach in the opposite corner! My kid beat his kid. His kid throws a fit because he lost a really good match in overtime and the kid was upset. Eric is equally pissed for the loss and the kids reaction and with both hands grabs the kid by the neck, picks him a foot off the ground, screams in his face and tosses him to the side and then continues to yell at him as the kid picks himself off the ground. There is absolutely no explanation for that! I have many kids that react in a similar manner and have never even thought to man handle them that way!

  2. Let’s get the story before we judge lmfao…..are you freaking kidding? There is no possible story or words that can come out of his mouth that could EVER remotely justify choke slamming another person’s 90 pound child like that!!!! Zero!! None!!! The fact anyone would even attempt to partially justify this behavior is sickening.

  3. I call horse-turds on your “reporting” – this was NOT a consi round match, there is no way there were 74 “domestic disturbances” and 13 arrests in the arena, or everyone there would have been talking about it. It was actually a really great crowd with only this one issue. I wonder if you were even in the building at this point.

    That said – what Angle did is inexcuseable. Period. There is no “explanation” he can give that makes ANY of it better and it is impossible that what is in that video, and what was seen in that arena, is being “blown out of proportion” – did you even watch it?! To try to defend this is ludicrous.

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