Temple Students Asking For Money To Go To A Play-In Game Is Something

Never thought I’d be the old man yelling at a cloud but here we are. Woke up this morning, checked twitter, aka my newspaper, found that the Temple students started a GoFundMe. For what you might ask? To help fund their trip to go see the Owls take on those high powered Belmont Bruins. Are you shitting me with this?

A couple things here.

1. Why in the world would anyone in their right mind donate to this? You want people to give you money so you can go watch a basketball game and party in Dayton? You are out of your cherry and white mind. You’re in college, everyday is the best day of your life. No one should pay money so you can have a vacation during your already awesome, carefree life. If you are going to refute that with “college is hard” … GTFOH. You’re living the dream and I don’t need to hear that patronizing bullshit.

2. It’s a play in game! It’s not even the real tournament. If you are one of the rare dumb dumbs that actually thinks the tournament starts on Tuesday, I have a bridge to sell you. “Oh my God, two 11 seeds are playing a pointless game in Ohio! Here’s my credit card, take as much as you need.” Millennials get a bad wrap and 99% of the time it’s all bullshit. Just someone complaining because millennials don’t want to eat some trash food they used to eat in the 70’s. But this is the 1% where us, the other millennials with half a brain, shake our heads too. You’re killing us guys.

Like this guy calling Harry Mayes pathetic for not “supporting” his alumni. LOLOLOL. There is supporting, and then there is handing out free money to self-entitled kids that think they deserve it. If you can’t afford to go to the game, don’t go. It’s literally that simple. Or ask your parents. Or get a job. Do anything but beg strangers for money so you can go hang out with your friends.

I can’t believe you have turned me into this guy. Now I hope Temple loses by 50 just so I can grave dance on all the suckers that drove up there to witness it. I just became the world’s biggest Belmont fan. I might move my family to whatever state Belmont is in just so my daughter can get in-state tuition. GO BELMONT!!!!

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