Randall Cobb & Cowboys Flirting

So it is now week 2 of NFL Free Agency. This is where the Cowboys “do their damage.”

As most of us know the Cowboys rarely ever dive into the deep end of the pool during “phase one” of Free Agency. Actually the Jones family is usually always on vacation in Turks and Caicos during that time of the year… Awesome.

So now that week 2 is here, and the Cowboys have resigned most of their own (besides Tank) rumors of meetings between the Cowboys and players are coming out.

At the end of last week Eric Berry was released and the Cowboys need a Saftey upgrade. We heard they are “researching his health.” But I am not holding my breath on this one.

Then on Monday morning this came out…

And… I love it. Cobb has hurt the Cowboys so many times during is time in Green Bay. The Cowboys also have a need at WR after Cole Beasley left.

Image – SB Nation

Would I like a lineup of Cooper, Cobb and Gallup with Hurns as the number 4? Yes, yes I would. Especially if they could get him on a cheap “prove it kind of deal.”

Cowboys insider Matt Yost is said to love if they could get Cobb on a 1 year $3.5 million dollar type of deal, and I agree.

If Cobb could stay healthy he would be a big help in the development of Dak. As well as the Cowboys being able to really focus on defense in the draft.

Cowboys… If you can get him on this kind of deal and you think he is healthy, don’t let him leave the building.


Feature Image – Zimbo

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