Mugshot Monday: Real Life Joker

Happy “Mugshot Monday” everyone! I have been search and searching the inter web to find a mugshot of Aunt Becky… But with no luck.

Doesn’t seem she took one or they are releasing one… Yet. So today I am reaching back in the files to one of the “most fun” mugshots of all time.

If you have never seen it, your welcome. If you have seen it, enjoy it again. I give to you, the real life Joker, yes… So serious.

Image – NBC News 8

I will give you one guess where he is from. If you don’t say Florida, do you know anything about America? Of course it’s Florida!

Gif – Gifer

As you can see, “The Joker” has been arrested multiple times:

Image – NY Post

Lawrence Sullivan has been arrested on everything from concealed carry violations to pointing a loaded gun at drivers.

Image –

Gif – Giphy


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