Isaiah Thomas to Celtics Fan: “I’ll be Back”

Say what’s you will about Isaiah Thomas’ skill, ceiling, limitations or even his comments when he left Boston. There’s one undeniable truth and that is Isaiah Thomas LOVES Boston. I can’t blame him it’s fucking great here. Non-stop parades, passionate fans and an unbelievable city to live in.

Thomas’ love for Boston has never been a secret, but the actuality of a return has only been tossed around the rumor mill. Never anything to really note. Until now.

That kid couldn’t be more right. No fourth quarter has been the same without IT and that’s no knock to Kyrie. IT just had a way to have a sub-par Celtics team in the mix at the end of games that they had no business winning. 

With Kyrie and Rozier’s contracts both up soon the Celtics will have some decisions to make at guard and in my opinion there should be no easier decision than bringing back IT.

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