Belichick is Playing Chess While Everyone Else Plays 52 Pick-Up

It’s a different NFL season, but not much has changed. As they do every year, Belichick and the Patriots are putting themselves in position to win yet another ring. The best part? Everyone still thinks the Patriots aren’t doing the right thing.

How many decades does Bill need to start free agency by stock-pilling lower income assets before people understand that this is how football works? You don’t go sign every Antonio Brown, OBJ and Bell out there. That will win you 8 games top every year. The teams, or should I just say team, that wins is the one that has the best depth and overall talent as a unit. That is, and has been, what the Patriots are. It’s never changed and it’s almost never not worked. You get as many players as possible, weed out the shit, then field what is a beautiful championship team.

So, while everyone else around the league are packing hundred dollar bills into briefcases for big names, Bill was busy out-smarting everyone by acquiring depth at every position of concern.

As you can see Bill was plenty busy in his return from his vacation in paradise, but outside of an aging Michael Bennett, there are no big names to be found. Yet every free agent signing will serve a purpose. If they don’t, they won’t make the team. It’s really that simple.

For anyone questioning the Patriots depth at wide receiver, and I know a lot of you are, there is no problem. We now have the depth to go with Super Bowl MVP Julien Edelman, Josh Gordon once he’s reinstated and Gronk once he announces his return. And god forbid they bring Martellus Bennett back. That would be a serious “Now yous can’t leave” moment with the Pats and the rest of the league.

Plus the best part about Bill Belichick running your favorite team is even if Gordon, for some reason, isn’t allowed to play and Gronk retires and the WR depth they just acquired sucks then Bill will fix it. There isn’t an ounce of doubt in my mind about that.

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