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7 Gates of Hell – Wiki Hole Wednesday

I’ll be honest, this isn’t a wikihole I fell down. I delved it myself. It starts with the book Weird Pennsylvania. A book filled with the oddities that make up the Quaker State of Pennsylvania. There’s tons. Midgetville, Satanville, Gravity Hill, Centralia, shit the list goes on and on. (Been to all those too if you’d like to hear more let me know in the comments below.) One that I never made it to and it always peaked my interest was the 7 Gates of Hell.

The Myths

Allegedly many moons ago one of two stories happened in a town of Hellam, PA. Hellam, named as such because of HELL, either had an Evil Doctor who built 7 gates in order to protect his evil lab with a gateway to hell or it was the home to a Mental Institution that burnt down and in order to keep all the inmates in, they had to put up 7 gates. The evil that befell these inmates was so horrid that Satan himself came to put a gateway to hell in the center for any who are able to walk through the horrors of the first 6 gates and not turn around running scared. Both of these are allegedly located at Trout Run Road in Hellam Pa.

Now the Wikipedia and locals vehemently deny anything of the such being at this property. Allegedly private property, there are hefty fines for all trespassers. But that doesn’t help the cause to find the seven gates since creepy things do happen here. In fact many missing persons have last been seen at this property.

Could these people be missing because of the gates? Or is there something else sinister in those woods?


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