The Most Cringe IG Account On The Internet: joewoahy

There are a ton of annoying accounts on IG, twitter, I assume facebook as well. But one account keeps popping up on my IG search page. It’s Joewoahy. I know zero about this guy besides the fact that he is the least funny human on the planet. After seeing his videos pop up I said fine I’ll watch one and my good is it hot garbage.

How in the hell does this kid have 1.5 MILLION followers. MILLION!! His #Content is nothing but just him yelling. I think what bothers me the most is tat there are 1.5 million people (god damnit that’s a big number) people out there that actually think he’s creative and funny.

They probably text each other his videos when they come out and use his catch phrases. Ugh, I HATE YOU JOE!!!!

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