Sounds Like Le’Veon Bell Might Be Heading To Baltimore

Akbar, the host of America Ninja and former NFL player apparently has some inside information. Even went as far to ask Bell for permission to tell people.

If this was his way of being subliminal it’s not leaving a ton to the imagination. He goes all caps BIRD and everyone past the 5th grade has heard of the Raven. I want this to be true so bad. Pittsburgh Baltimore games are some of the best in the NFL already. Now pepper in a star playing changing teams to play for his bitter rival. Sign me right up for that Sunday night showdown.

Buuuuuuuutttttt his last tweet of make “US” proud makes me think he could be joining AB in Oakland. Either way, take notes MLB. This is how you do offseasoning.


Feature Image: Clutch Points

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