Superstar City Power Rankings

Harper is now calling Philadelphia home, Antonio Brown was traded to Oakland (until they go to Vegas.)

So it got me thinking… What cities are home to the most superstars? If you had to make an All-Star team across all sports by city… What city would hold the crown?

Here is my top 5 City Superstar Power Rankings.

(Depending what happens with Lev Bell and some other big NFL FA’s I may update this list.)

5. New York

Image – Pinstripe Ally

Some may say how can New York be in the top 5 when the Knicks are terrible and the best player on the Rangers is their aging goalie? Well between the two football teams and baseball teams there is some serious star firepower.

Sam Darnold (Jets QB) He has quickly become a star and has the chance to bring the Jets back to relevance

Odell Beckham Jr (Giants WR) Yes he is a Diva. Yes there are possible trade talks, but right now he is still a Giant and the dude is not only a stud on the field he is a star off it.

Jacob DeGrom (Mets Pitcher) DeGrom was quietly the best pitcher in baseball last year on a crap Mets team. He is larger than life on the mound.

Noah Syndergaard (Mets Pitcher) He throws gas. He has blonde flowing locks. He looks like a male model and his god damn nickname is Thor.

Giancarlo Stanton (Yankees OF) Say what you want about Stanton.. But he is a superstar. Every time he steps into the box people stop and watch. He’s a good looking dude who hits BOMBS for the bombers! (And strikes out a ton.)

Aaron Judge (Yankees OF) The new Mr. New York. The face of the franchise. One of the top 3-5 names in MLB. He is young, he is a freak and he plays for the Yankees… Superstar.

4. Philadelphia

Image – cbs sports

Some may say this is too low! Harper is there now… Trout is coming! (Well he isn’t there yet.) This is a tough list to complete, Philly could be top 3, and if they make some big moves in NFL FA they could move up.

Aaron Nola (Phillies Pitcher) Stud. Only way to describe him. He just signed an extension after going pitch for pitch with DeGrom for Cy Young last year. He is the ace of this up incoming Phillies team.. And the lettuce is fire.

Jimmy Butler (Sixers SG) Huge trade for the Sixers who are so fun now that they are good again. But will he stay? That is the question. He captivates the city and the country and he is a killer on the floor.

Carson Wentz (Eagles QB) The Eagles are officially his team again now that the SB MVP Nick Foles is leaving. He could be a top 3 QB in the league easily. The ginger is set for a big year and he is a massive star in the city of brotherly love and beyond.

Joel Embiid (Sixers C) He is just the man. Plain and simple. He talks the best shit of any player in any sport. On the court, on social media… No one does it better. Not to mention he has the talent to be the best center in the league and is in the MVP convo this season.

Bryce Harper (Phillies OF) The city’s newest son. Their prized 330 million dollar man who will be there for 13 years. He is one of the poster boys of the MLB and if he wins another MVP and a couple World Series… Brings Trout to town, he will go down in Philly history! He truly is the definition of a STAR.

3. LA

Image – cbs sports

The top 3 could really be interchanged a bit. But LA is LA and is full of stars, drama and eyeballs tuning into to see what’s happening in LaLa Land.

Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers Pitcher) The Dodgers have been to back to back World Series. Kershaw has been the ace in LA for years. Yes, he is falling off a bit but any team would love to have him and his star power in LA is hard to rival.

Aaron Donald (Rams DL) He is the best defensive player in the game. Period. He doesn’t say a lot, but everyone knows his name, everyone knows his game and playing in LA only adds to his super star power.

Todd Gurley (Rams RB) The top fantasy RB in the game. He’s flashy, he fast, he’s big and powerful and he’s perfect in LA. He came up lame in the Super Bowl but he is a top 3 STAR RB in the NFL.

Jared Goff & Philip Rivers (LA QB’s) One young gun and one old gun slinger! Goff just led the Rams to the Super Bowl and Rivers has been a face of the league for a decade. Even at this “advanced age” Rivers is slinging touchdowns and having babies while Goff is trying to start his own legacy.

Mike Trout (Angels OF) The best player in baseball. Yes he plays in Anaheim but they are technically the LA Angels of Anaheim. The people there love him. The people of Philly love him. Every single baseball fan loves him. He may not be flash but the dude is a superstar.

Lebron James (Lakers SF/PF) He has only been there this season, and they suck. But Lebron is one of the biggest names in sports, period. Around the world. He is now going to star in Space Jam 2. He will eventually own a team and the world. People love him. People hate him. But that makes him a STAR.

2. Houston

Image – nba

You may be thinking… Houston, number 2.. What? It’s crazy how many stars the city has across their teams. The only reason they are not number one for me is because of the lack of recent Championships, besides one for the Astros.

Jose Altuve (Astros SS) Who doesn’t love this little dude? He is a stud, and easily one of the best SS in the game and has one of the best stories of any player in baseball. He kept being turned down because he was too small… But he never game up, won the starting job, kicked ass, won a WS and now is bigger than life.

DeAndre Hopkins (Texans WR) He is one of if not THE best WR in the NFL. He is the definition of circus catches. He does everything with such ease and such flare. He makes it look too easy… Super-Star.

Justin Verlander (Astros Pitcher) I feel like he has never lost a game since going to Houston. He is an old school workhorse of a Pitcher. He throws gas, he won a WS there, he talks his mind and has been one of the best pitchers in baseball for the last 10 years. Oh yeah… And he is married to Kate Upton.

Deshaun Watson (Texans QB) He won at Clemson. He has won in Houston. He took the NFL by storm as well as the fantasy world before getting hurt. He is big, fast, physical and plays the position with flare. He is going to be a star for years and he’s only getting started.

Chris Paul (Rockets G) I feel like Paul has been playing for 27 years. But you still know his name. You still want to watch him play. He still has monster games and could help this team win an NBA Championship, there is just one bigger star than him on the team, who I will get to.

JJ Watt (Texans DL) He is Mr. Houston. He literally raised million and millions of dollars for the city after the hurricane. He has been a national name for years on and off the field. We talk about his diet, we talk about his workouts, we talk about his catches with kids and we talk about how dominant he is on the field. JJ Watt is a household name.

James Harden (Rockets SG) The beard is a mean mean man. He scores literally at will in the NBA. I think he has had about 93, 50 point games this season. He is a top 5 player and a top 3 name in the NBA. Bring a championship to the Rockets and his stock will sore even higher!

1. Boston

Image – business insider

I hate to do it. I really do. Like I said Houston could be number one, but I put Boston ahead because they just keep winning. Championship, Parade, Repeat. They also have the best head coach and QB of all time… And I am just using players in this list but BB does add to the star power of Boston.

Jason Tatum (Celtics SF) I mean he wears the number 0. Awesome. He took the NBA by storm last year and became a quick household name around the NBA.

Chris Sale (Red Sox Pitcher) One of the best pitchers in baseball. He came to Boston from Chicago and just dominated. Sox fans love him, Yanks fans hate him… That’s what it’s all about up there right? Ask any MLB fan who Chris Sale is and they know. And now his is a WS Champ.

Mookie Betts (Red Sox OF) Last year’s AL MVP. He hits for power and plays with flare. He is easily one of the best hitters/defensive players in the league. He is going to get PAID soon. He is young and he is a STUD ball player!

Kyrie Irving (Celtics G) Here is the love him/hate him thing like Lebron. But guess what he is a star! People talk about him, people want to watch him play and he is still a savage on the court. Yes, he may not be there for long… But he is in Boston now.

GRONK (Patriots TE) Gronk is one of the most polarizing athletes in the last 15 years. He is a beast on the field and he is the guy that everyone wants to party with off. He has a super model girlfriend, he catches touchdowns from the GOAT and parties in CABO. We need a 24hr reality show just following Gronk around in daily life.

Tom “The Goat” Brady (Patriots QB) Do I need to say anything more? I mean he just won his 6th ring. Again… People love him or people hate him… But people talk about him. He is the best QB to every play the position. He is married to a super model, he is a model for Uggs, I mean he does it all. What the hell… I don’t even need to explain this!

That is my list. Like I said it was tough, you could flip flop order and depending on some big names moving around it might change. Stay tuned.

Oh… And just missing the top 5.

“The Bay Area”

Steph Curry

Jimmy G

Antonio Brown

Kevin Durant


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