Jose Canseco Claims ARod Is Cheating On JLo With His Ex Wife


Saturday night was stolen by the ring Arod gave JLo when he proposed. The internet seemed generally happy for them, while millions of girls across the world DM’ed the pic of the ring to their boyfriends. I personally just bookmarked it for later.

And then we’re all minding our own business on Sunday night watching World Of Dance and Jose Canseco drops in with a bomb regarding the world’s most powerful nickname couple.

In a matter of minutes, things escalated to physical violence. I don’t know if Arod and Jose had any beef back in the day, but they certainly do now.

Trying to decide between Jose Canseco and Arod is a very hard dilemma. Neither one is really a poster child for sanity and self awareness. I mostly think Jose Canseco is considered the more unstable of the two, and someone who may need some attention, but have you seen his ex wife?


You didn’t think his daughter Josie got so hot from the Canseco genetic tree did you? Jose’s ex wife Jessica Canseco is extremely hot. Even compared to J Lo. And we do definitely know Arod likes a little muscle.

I am going to need a little more proof in this scenario but I think it’s definitely something J Lo needs to have someone look into. I personally don’t think Arod has it in him to do that to J Lo. I’m sure he’s seen Enough. Jenny From The Block is not the one to fuck with.



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