The Second Edition Of The Branded Sports Equity Power Rankings

2 months into the year and we’ve nearly caught our total amount of traffic from all of last year. We’re off to a hot start. Crowding The Plate Podcast launch and is already off and running. We’ve added more bloggers, vloggers and content creators. Also we have a few exciting events on the schedule that we will be announcing shortly.

Obviously with all of this going on our Branded Equity contest is getting even more interesting. This week we are adding in our podcast rankings along with the overall clicks. Once again I removed myself because all I do is get clicks on click on clicks. And of course I own the entire thing… far. Note one change. If people are tied for points, person with the most clicks gets the tie breaker.

PS. There was an issue with the total number of clicks and I worked tirelessly to find the problem and fix it. I don’t think I get enough credit for that.

Podcast Rankings

  1. CGSN – Sarge (10)sarge.PNG
  2. Mayes Cast – Harry Mayes (9)
  3. CTP – Dubs & KMess (8)



                                Click Rankings

  1. Ru (10)ru
  2. Ali (9)
  3. Chuckles (8)
  4. KMess (7)
  5. Murt (6)
  6. Eric (5)
  7. Dubs (4)
  8. Glock (3)
  9. Boats (2)
  10. Jay (1)


Current Standings

  1. KMess (15)
  2. kmess.pngDubs (12)
  3. Ru (10)
  4. Sarge (10)
  5. Ali (9)
  6. Mayes (9)
  7. Chuckles (8)
  8. Murt (6)
  9. Eric (5)
  10. Glock (3)
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