MLB And Atlantic League Announced Their Experimental Rules For This Season

We got robots!!! That’s right, umps will get the help of TrackMan radar tracking system to assist with balls and strikes. Can’t wait for an ump to tr and throw a robot out of a game. Going to make for can’t miss TV.


Love the no visits unless it’s a change or injury. Hate the go see if he is ok visit. If your man is shook he’s shook.

Increase base size? Don’t care.

Time between innings and pitching changes decreased. Sure why not. Don’t really care either but I understand they want to speed up the game. One thing you could do to speed up the game is take away warm up pitches. If the pitcher has been warming up in the bullpen then he doesn’t need warm ups at the plate.

Rule change I hate is taking away the shift. If you you get paid to hit a baseball you can deal with a shift. Bunt it, swing earlier, whatever just stop whining.

Either way Atlantic League baseball will be exciting. Also hearing some rumors about a certain blog and podcast making some Atlantic League appearances this season with exclusive interviews and content……..hmmmmmmmmmmm


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