Matt Cord Is The Best In The Biz. Don’t Believe Me, Ask Steph Curry

Matt Cord is easily the most underappreciated Philadelphia figure. The guy brings energy every night that even Red Bull enthusiasts would be like “damn.” No idea who Matt Cord is? He is the PA announcer for the Sixers and there isn’t anyone better in the association. Don’t give me that Detroit basketball guy, that guy can’t hang with the likes of Cord.

My man Matt had to be the most excited guy in the building during the tanking years. Listen to this lineup he had to introduce.


Obviously with actual talent on the floor Matt’s job has gotten a lot easier and probably more enjoyable. That’s going to make for even more energy. So no surprise that others are starting to notice the greatest that is Matt Cord. Check out the former MVP and arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history react to Sixers’ intros this past week.

GET SOME!! Also shout out to Christian Crosby for getting his clothing line in Footlocker. All things are coming up Philly recently. Philly vs World

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