10 Coolest Minor League Hats

So I’m bald. Being bald has many responsibilities. Like wearing a hat so the shine from my head doesn’t blind people. I prefer baseball hats because 1. I’m no weirdo wearing a fedora and 2. Ken Griffey made wearing a backwards hat cool. Baseball invented the baseball hat. I find it traitorous to wear another National League hat other than the Phillies and even at that I can only bring myself to wear 3-4 American League hats as it is.

That’s where Minor League Baseball comes in. It is where the most fun is had on behalf of the team and fans in all of American Professional Sports. If you haven’t been to one of your local minor league parks, I highly advise you do sometime this summer. Cheap, Fun and you get to see the young talent that your big league club has in the pipelines. Few years ago the Iron Pigs were showing more life than the Phillies anyway. Buy a $25 ticket and you get $20 in concessions too. The players are so great with the kids signing bats and balls and the freebies are endless. Their mascots are crazily creative and make for a cool thing to wear on your head. With no further ado Here’s the 10 Coolest MiLB Hats to Wear:

10. Ogden Raptors – I must be honest: Whomever designs their gear really let’s this team down. It’s a sad display but alas they do have one really cool alternative hat. Raptor claw coming out of the O is a really nice touch. Step your game up Raptors your mascot is better than this.




9. Albuquerque Isotopes – Great touch by this team to pay homage to the fictional baseball club Homer Simpson plays for. That’s solely why they make this list.


8. Daytona Tortugas – I like Turtles. This makes the Tortugas right up my alley. Simple Turtle with a baseball bat walking out of a D or just a simple turtle head make for a great hat.

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7. Inland Empire 66ers – I never heard of these guys until I did my research. Wanted to make sure I got the coolest ten. This hat is cool. Reminds me of an 80s cartoon super villain and that’s the type of cool your minor league hat should have.


6. Florida Fire Frogs – Fuck it lets mix fire and a frog and come out with a total bad ass mascot. Truly the Fire Frog is. The only red hay I’ll wear outside the Phillies.


5. Midland Rockhounds – Being from Midland Texas, you have to have a mascot that brings the people out. The Rockhound does that. A big armed dog with a bat and a hard hat.


4. Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp – I almost forgot this one when writing my list. A newcomer to the Minor League game, the Jumbo Shrimp embraced a popular food in Jacksonville Florida as their mascot and it looks like they’re ready to have tons of fun with alternate hats and unis.


3. Vermont Lake Monsters – This in my opinion is the coolest hat not in my collection. It’s a unique mascot and fits in with the personality of Vermont perfectly. Your minor league club best be able to adjust to the local personality of the town they’re in or they’re not going to survive. The Lake Monsters do just that.


2. Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs – The Iron Pigs have a wealth of material to make into a hat. The Philly connection, the Pig itself and the food made from a pig. The Bacon Hat is a quintessential must have for any hat collector and the topic of many conversations:

1. Montgomery Biscuits – I like to claim I’m an original Biscuits fan. I’ve been wearing their hat since at least 2009 when I would claim to girls at bars that I was a washed out 3rd baseman from their organization and that’s why I had the hat. In reality I found it to be the coolest hat on Lids’ website and much reason for it:

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