Guess How Much It Costs To Become A Human Sex Robot?

If you want to be at the forefront of technological advancement nowadays, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Young entrepreneurs head to Silicon Valley for investors, and porn stars are about to turn to plastic surgery. With the threat of robots, especially robots designed for sex, humans everywhere are panicking that they will soon be replaced by a metal sex robot with no gag reflex.

That’s why Sybil Stallone has invested over $500K into turning herself from porn star to human sex toy.

Porn star, Sybil Stallone, tells The Blast she has undergone numerous plastic surgeries to transform herself into a living sex doll, aptly named, Brunette Barbie.

Stallone claims to have invested over $500,000 in plastic surgeries, including a nose job, cheek, chin and lip fillers, a butt lift, and an impressive breast enhancement to increase her cup size from D to G.

After the upgrades, Stallone says, “I am now literally built for sex,” adding, “Sex buyers are constantly looking for a more unique experience. Through my enhancements, I offer my lovers something that transcends human, better than anything you could get with a sex robot or most other women. I’m the best of both worlds – a living sex doll.”

Sybil is acting like 10 out of 10 men wouldn’t want a robot used exclusively for sex with no emotional investment. These sex robots are really dangerous for women. Sorry girl I’m sure you’re great at what you do but you don’t transcend being human just because you’re half plastic. Some days you’re still going to need someone to pick tampons up from CVS or bitch about a coworker. A sex robot doesn’t get her period or even have a job besides having sex. Once they get to Westworld level we’re so fucked.

Stallone is a legal sex worker at Sheri’s Ranch, a brothel located just outside of Las Vegas, and she’s hoping her new look will cater to a large swath of horny tech nerds.

I’m not totally sure what it costs to buy an actual sex robot but $500K seems kind of high. It seems more financially responsible to just buy a sex robot than to pay for all this plastic surgery and deal with all the recovery time.

After a quick Google search it’s about $15K for the world’s first sex robot doll. You could get 33 sex robots with the same amount of money this lady spent to look like a sex robot but with emotions. Depending on usage levels you could probably upgrade the model every 6 months, which means you’d be set for the next 16 years. By that time I’m sure technology will have advance to be able to mass produce the sex dolls so they won’t cost as much and that’ll work until the end of time. Once the sex robot industry has it’s own industrial revolution and finds a sexual deviant Steve Jobs visionary, it’s over for us all.



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