Where will Josh Rosen play in 2019?

So the Arizona Cardinals have the first overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. They hired Kliff Kingsbury as their new head coach. It is not hidden that Kingsbury has an affection for this year’s Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Kyler Murray.

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This puts the Cardinals and last year’s 1st round pick Josh Rosen is a very sticky situation. The Cardinals Organization has said that Rosen is their QB “for now.”

Could that mean that the Cardinals are planning on drafting Murray with the first overall pick and Rosen could be on the move? Very well could be.

But where? What team would be willing to make a trade for Rosen that is in need of a QB? Also, I don’t think the Cardinals will get a 1st round pick back… So how much would it take? A 2nd?

Lets examine some possible landing spots:

Jacksonville Jaguars

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How long have we heard that Blake Bortles has been holding back the Jags? Feels like forever. They may have been a great spot for Rosen, however… Reports have come out that once free agency opens the Jags will sign Nick Foles and release Blake Bortles. So cut the Jags off the list.

Miami Dolphins

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The Dolphins do not have a QB on their roster. So Rosen would be a fit. However I believe the Dolphins are in full tank mode and they won’t be investing this much in a young QB right now. If they decide to cut Tannehill I could see them signing a veteran stop gap type of QB until the team is ready for a stud QB. Maybe even when Tua or Lawrence come out.

Oakland Raiders

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Please don’t think I am super crazy on this one. It doesn’t seem like billion dollar coach Jon Gruden is in love with their current QB Derek Carr, so I don’t think it would be insane to see them move him… To maybe even the Redskins. Do I think this is the most likely landing spot, no. But, don’t be shocked if it happened, the Raiders seem to have 8 million picks to play with.

New York Giants

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The Giants have said that Eli will be on the team in 2019, but of course they did. They do not have the QB of the future to pair with their pro bowl RB. Eli hasn’t done anything in years, so they don’t owe him a thing. They have the 6th overall pick and a lot of people are talking about them taking Haskins, the QB from OSU. However if they aren’t in love with him why not go after Rosen? They wouldn’t have to give up the 6th pick to get him so they could get their QB of the future and still pick an big time impact player at 6. This could be a very possible scenario for Rosen and the Giants.

Washington Redskins

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I believe Rosen going to the Redskins is the most probable outcome. Unfortunately Alex Smith will probably be out this season, if not for his career. The Skins have a very capable defense, however now their offense is struggling even more without a viable QB available to play. They need Rosen and Rosen may need them. If the Cardinals are willing to take a second round pick I feel like it is an absolute no brainer and a steal for Washington.

Where Rosen lands will come down to two simple things.

1. Are the Cardinals even serious about Murray and thinking of moving Rosen? If not well then this experiment is pointless.

2. What did each of these organizations have as a draft grade when Rosen came out last year? If they had a low grade on him then there is a low chance for them to make a move now.

Looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds.


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