Future Banned Big Girls From The Club So I Am Banning His Music From My Spotify In Protest. That’ll Teach Him!

As far as I’m concerned all rappers are contractually obligated to spend at least 50% of their time in Miami nightclubs. They are always mentioning LIV in their songs and inviting thots to their ‘hosted’ nights out via Instagram story. This week, Future reportedly banned all fat girls from the club he was at. No one is louder and more defensive than us big girls, so I will have none of Future anymore in my life or anyone else’s for that matter. We shut down Victoria’s Secret and now we’re coming for Future.

I’ve been trying to figure out this dude for a while now. He has 6 kids with 6 different women, so he really should be banning more than just fat girls from the club. Also has he ever heard of a condom? Just fucking wrap it up one time Future and you’ll have a lot more money to spend on turtlenecks and sunglasses. I’m also not a big fan of Future’s music either. I can tolerate some of his features but honestly What A Time To Be Alive is one of the worst Drake projects because of him. I don’t understand how he got someone like Ciara, or why he still cares what she’s doing. Be happy that Russell Wilson is around to make sure your son, also named Future, doesn’t have the same future child support payments as you.

Apparently the club promoters decided there would be no fat girls in the club and Future was like ok cool just make sure the ones left aren’t on birth control I’m trying to start a new football league we could really use just one more.


First of all a club is NO FUN without us big girls. Every hot girls crew has a hot big girl to keep the energy up and to entertain the guys with their personality. Everyone knows all the skinny girls just stand in the corner tapping their feet and sipping their vodka sodas through those tiny red straws (yep, skinny bitches don’t even care about the turtles). They’ll let you buy them a $14 drink and turn right back around to their table and their boyfriend. If someone buys me a drink I might just date you for 3 months to avoid having to hear “well you’re fat anyways” when I try to reject them. Matter of fact skinny girls need to join in this cause too, I hope Future never has sex again in his life.

I already really didn’t care too much about the future, but now I’m officially boycotting all Future music from playing in my headphones, on my Spotify, in my car or anywhere where I control the aux. Future is denying the allegations, but I’m not convinced.

Future is definitely the type of guy to ban big girls from the club and that’s fine, we don’t want to be at the club with Future either so he can mumble into the microphone once every 3 minutes. I am not entertained. Which rapper is going to embrace us big girls and all we have to offer? You’ve seen what we can do to SavageXFenty, watch what the big girl affect on your brand. We have money because we’re busy working for it instead of waiting on guys like Future to give it to us.

Here is a thread to appreciate all of the girls that Future does not want and are definitely next to eat lunch with Drake…



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