CEO Joe vs Dear Abby: Beth Sucks

DEAR ABBY: About a year ago, a good friend, “Beth,” went through a violent tragedy that destroyed her family. My husband and I own a small waterfront property, so during the months following, I took Beth away for the weekend to hopefully allow her some healing and emotional recovery. She then asked me to go again and, when I couldn’t go, asked if she could go with her friend (whom I had met but don’t know well). She asked again to go with her new boyfriend.

I feel like a heel to refuse if we’re not using the place, but I’m starting to feel a little used. Is it OK for me to tell her no because I am uncomfortable with her repeated requests, or am I just a bad friend? — TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF?

DEAR T.A.O.: You have been generous to Beth. Unless you have explained it to her, she may not realize what a special favor you did her by letting her use your waterfront house. From what you have written, your friend appears to be getting on with her life, so if you decline now it shouldn’t shatter her. To do so is notbeing a “bad friend.” – DEAR ABBY

Dear TAO: First off, waterfront property, not too shabby. Love inserting the humble brag. Also are we talking Sea Isle City or Cape Cod? I assume if you write to Dear Abby Cape Cod or Avalon at the absolute worst. Not many Dear Abby writers drinking 302s at 10 am on MDW.

Secondly, “Beth” is a selfish bitch. Time to drop that hag like a bad habit. Listen if Beth wants some waterfront property action maybe it’s time she starts Googling real estate. Don’t make your problems our problems Beth. You get one free stay at the beach house, after that you need to start an Air B&B account like the rest of the paying guests.

TAO, it’s time to find some new friends and lose these low life leeches. You need to keep your image intake. Take a note from KMess. You want to be high class with your water front property, you can’t be seen with the likes of Beth. She probably gets to your house and brings things like no name ketchup and Miller Lite. Gross.


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