Kyrie Has Gone Full LeBron and I Can’t Stand it Anymore

Let’s start by saying this. Kyrie is without a doubt the most talented player on the Celtics. The numbers speak for themselves and so does his resume in the 4th Quarter and playoffs. However, this is a better basketball team when Kyrie is not playing.

Everyone knows about Kyrie’s media woes and how they are not only directly linked to LeBron, but also have that arrogant musk of a LeBron interview. That was on full display Sunday before and after another dog-shit loss at home, this time to the Rockets.

Here’s the problem with LeBron and now Kyrie. For as great as they are on the court, they aren’t self-aware whatsoever. But they’re not your standard, douchebag type of unself-awareness where they’re so dumb its almost amusing. It’s much worse. People like LeBron and Kyrie are so annoying because they think they’re self-aware, but have no idea how much they suck to be around.

The similarities are unavoidable at this point. They’re both clearly the best player on their teams. They both want none of the blame, but all the glory of being a leader, when really they’re both less present around the team than season ticket holders are. They alienate teams and become a cancer in the locker room. When you see LeBron’s god awful defense you realize how few fucks are given to how much of a nuisance he’s become it’s obvious. With Kyrie, on the court at least, it’s only somewhat noticeable to the eye. But the numbers are starting to get ugly for him.

It’s disgusting to watch at this point. He stalls the offense. He brings no fight, no urgency and no excitement to the game unless he deems it necessary yet he demands to have the offense run through him when he’s on the court. And that’s the main reason that he makes this team worse.

This team is full of caged dogs right now that have no cause to fight for because Kyrie has drained them. It’s always about him as a leader, him as a player, him as a flashy player. Kyrie, Kyrie, Kyrie is all they hear all day and it’s got to be fucking insufferable just as it is with LeBron when teams he’s sculpted suck.

Guys like Al Hordford, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Marcus Morris are grizzled vets and true leaders. Young players should and hopefully are looking up at them. If you hand this team over them, then there’s no reason they wouldn’t do what they did last playoffs except without LeBron in the mix, possibly make the finals. But barring a Kyrie injury that won’t be happening.

So at that, I’m saying goodbye to this season. This is a weak, pathetic, over-talented, under-producing team when Kyrie is around. One that may not survive a series with the Heat never mind the top teams in the East.

Should things change I’d be open to negotiations, but until then fuck LeBron for being him and what he’s done to Kyrie. And fuck Kyrie for getting to this point of arrogance that he can’t dig himself out of.

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