HBO Michael Jackson Documentary Debuted And People Are Torn To Say The Least

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The Michael Jackson documentary, leaving Neverland, debuted and twitter was very mixed. From what I’ve read though, this Wade Robson guy seems like he lost all of his money and is looking to cash a ticket based on no evidence. With that being said, MJ also put himself in a lot of compromising positions. Rule of thumb, don’t hang out with anyone that is 6 or more years younger than you unless other adults are there. That seems like a reasonable number.

Wade Robson in 2005 testified that MJ never had any sexual relationship with him. He even went at it with Jimmy Kimmel about the entire situation.

So what changed between then and now? Robson failed to get a directing gig, had a nervous breakdown, he tried to shop a book and it failed to get published, he filed a lawsuit that was dismissed and now helped make this documentary. So once again, I don’t want to defend Jackson because I think his allegations were all self inflected by the situations he put himself in but this Robson guy seems like a fraud in my opinion.

Anyway, twitter was a buzz over it and I’m sure it will stay that way for a while. You can be the judge for yourself on what you believe.

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