Wrestling Isn’t for the Weak

There’s an old wrestling T-Shirt that used to say “It’s not the fall that hurts: It’s the sudden stop.”. I think we all heard that sudden stop in the Photo below. Before you judge me for the title, know that I do believe that the kid in the blue singlet should be disqualified from this match for his illegal slam. Is it the worst illegal slam I have ever seen, No. That being said one small change and it could have been legal. If this little wrestler would have just landed on his knees first it would be 100% legal. Same impact, just a change in positioning.

That’s why in wrestling you can’t let yourself be whipped around. If you’re going to go out there and not defend yourself you’re going to get hurt. Wrestling is not for the weak. So you, The little guy not even in a singlet or wrestling shoes: Toughen up kid or find a new sport.

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