LeBron Reveals He Hates His Mom And Hardworking Americans While Getting A Group Haircut With His Friends On “The Shop”

While the Lakers were in the middle of losing a disappointing game against the NBA’s best team, the Milwaukee Bucks, HBO aired an episode of LeBron’s revolutionary show “The Shop” on HBO. The episode was basically a hangout sesh between LeBron, Maverick Carter, Anthony Davis, Jerrod Carmichael, Antonio Brown, Jamie Foxx, 2 Chainz, and Meek Mill. Unfortunately I would rather watch this cringeworthy group haircut than the Lakers play actual basketball.

The biggest takeaway from this episode is that LeBron is truly in love with AD. If Anthony Davis isn’t a Los Angeles Laker next year, it is not for lack of tampering on both sides. The amount of compliments LeBron gives AD throughout this whole sit down was awkward for everyone involved. At points it was like no one was in the room besides the two of them. LeBron would just bring it up randomly when people were talking about something totally different. Meek Mill talking about his prison time, LeBron needs to interrupt to talk about how impressed he is that AD can handle getting booed. That’s the most impressive thing to LeBron, how gracefully you can get booed.

Most of this episode is just sports AA for AD. LeBron basically tells him that he can’t do what people want him to do even if he also wanted to because he needs to go to LA and shift the attention away from LeBron.

Of all people in need of group therapy, please look at Antonio Brown in that clip. What is actually going on with this guy? I can handle Tom Brady kissing his kid on the mouth and Robert Kraft getting a rub and tug, but if I were a Steelers fan I would be BEGGING the team to just get rid of this guy immediately. This is like an Amanda Bynes or even Andrew Bynum level situation. Just start bleaching shit and talking crazy so people aren’t sure what you’re capable of.


At this point Antonio Brown just continues to speak on the Steelers situation and although no one can really figure out what he’s actually saying, it doesn’t sound good. He absolutely buries Big Ben six feet under and the rest of these guys just get a huge kick out of how much Big Ben sucks!

So Big Ben has an ego because he tells Antonio Brown if he ran a bad route. AB is right, Ben probably did throw that shit to a D lineman but he probably got slammed to the ground and broke a rib so can’t really blame Ben.

After Antonio Brown dives into his struggles with forcing his team to revolve around him, LeBron explains how different it is for him in the NBA. Much like Ariana Grande, if he wants it, he got it, he’ll steal it, he’ll shoot it, he’ll take a charge and he’ll pass it to his teammates only if they immediately pass it right back.

Just exactly the type of guy that you want playing for your TEAM, right? It appears LeBron doesn’t even stop with hating his teammates. He even seems to hate his own mother too. When talking about people taking advantage of this group of athletes, rappers and entertainers who make billions of dollars and can easily afford to buy their parents a private island if they wanted to, LeBron says the hardest thing he had to do early on in his career is learn how to say no to his mom.

LeBron’s mom was 16 when she had him and raised him from nothing, gave him an opportunity at a better life. Building her a house from the foundation up is the least you could do for your own fucking mother, LeBron get a grip. 2 Chainz had to step in to be like well yeah it’s my mom I buy her whatever the fuck she wants? LeBron’s like I built her a house don’t feel too bad for the lady. Heartless.

The worst part of the episode was when LeBron mocked every single hardworking, blue collar American who gets up every day to go to work for 8+ hours for little pay, comes home to feed their family and go to bed at 9pm to do it again the next day.

What does LeBron want us to do? We need people in this world to play professional basketball and some people to work at Starbucks. If you weren’t born with the gift of being the most dominant basketball player of this generation what would you be doing? Probably waking up, going to work, and going to bed at 9. That’s what normal people with a limited skill set do to make money. They require you to be at work certain hours, then you need to eat dinner, go to bed, and then go again the next day. Not all of us can work in the studio until 3am with 2 Chainz and then call out of work the next day for being tired.



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