Phillies lock up world’s biggest Cowboy fan

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I apologize for the lack of content yesterday. I was traveling, and also dealing with some huge news that hopefully @charlesalexander will help me break in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, the posted plays went 2-1, bringing my total to 3-5-1 for the posts.

I really wish I could send the degen live bets I do, because I hit $700 live after my 2-1 day. Twitter has the receipts, go check it out there.

I have never been happier in my entire life to be wrong about some information. Bryce Harper is ours until 2031, and the Mets will still be paying Bobby boy for another 4 years. $25 mil/ year allows us to go fishing next summer for hometown favorite Trout and make a push for some more rings.

The only narrative that tops the “okay we waited this long, he isn’t even worth that money,” is the fact that Bryce is a cowgirl fan.

Look, I know someone is reading this at their home in south philly who is a self deprecating Cowboy fan. You are the worst breed of people in the world. Love the Yankees, Bama (CFB), Nova (CBB), and the Red Wings. I hope you get shipped to Mars with Carson Wentz and Nick Foles and we never hear from you again.

I don’t care which football team Bryce roots for. He is a 4.8 WAR player (smash o89.5), and in his 50 career games at CBP, he has hit 14 HRs. In 28% of his games, he hits a dinger. If nothing changes, he’s going to hit 23 HRs this season, Rhys is good for another 25, and we will be well on our way to an NL Pennant.

He wants to be here and wants to win. After October, he can blow Jerry Jones for all I care, as long as he brings some World Series parades to Philly. We are the most attractive place for a free agent in 3/4 sports -Flyers are the most mediocre franchise across all 4 major sports.

So get ready Philly. Let’s burn our beloved city to the ground.

This has nothing to do with the blog, but shouts to DR. This guy definitely swallows

(h/t @cbssports and @starting9)

I’ll post some winners later today. Fuck your bookie Friday.

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