Phillies: Bryce Harper’s Family’s Team

I’m gonna take everyone back to a time I feel Philadelphia cherishes. The Four Aces. Philadelphia was home to the greatest rotation of Pitchers that had been seen since the 90’s Braves and 2001 Diamondbacks.

Hamels, Halladay and Oswalt, they really didn’t have a huge choice in coming to Philadelphia. Cliff Lee on the other hand, the biggest free agent that off season CHOSE PHILADELPHIA. WHY?

Because his family. Per Zack Lessner of Bleacher Report in 2011

Cliff Lee is all about the family, his first priority even before baseball.

So why did Cliff Lee return to Philadelphia after all? 

Maybe his return was about more than just the game: the security of his family.

Cliff Lee chose Philadelphia over New York’s money because the way they treated his wife. Kristen Lee was disgusted with their true colors. He then chose Philadelphia over the Texas Rangers, the team closest to his home, because of his son.

Now let’s analyze why Harper came to Philadelphia.

Of course money was a big deal. He got the largest sum total from the Phillies but then again he’d have averaged more a year for one less year with the Giants(Closer to his home) and for 5 years with the Dodgers, “where everyone wants to live with their family over Philadelphia right?”


Kayla Harper wants a home. She wanted her husband to spend the rest of his career wearing one jersey. As members of the Latter Day Saints the bright lights and Hollywood party atmosphere of Los Angeles don’t really fit their M.O. Maybe they also know Philadelphians aren’t the monsters they’re cracked up to be by the media and that some other cities with murders in their parking lots are much worse? Like the Yankees Troll Kayla Harper has on her instagram this morning.

Right Stewardship

Philadelphians also must tip their hats because Philadelphia was represented well. John Middleton, Billionaire owner of the Philadelphia Phillies, brought his family with him to meet the Harper’s. He didn’t bring his bags of money, loads of cigars or negotiators. He knew the person who needed to be sold was Kayla and he and his family sold her on Philadelphia. She wasn’t impressed with the glitz and glam. It’s The family atmosphere. How in this town, she and her husband will be treated like royalty. That the players around her husband are committed to winning so they can be at ease and focus on building a family, they never ever have to worry about another contract again. Let’s not forget their love for the Philadelphia LDS community documented by me before. It all fit and so does the Harper’s Like the Lee family before them. Welcome to Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love. Where baseball, is all about PHAMILY.

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