True Disney Love Story: Woman Marries Her Zombie Sex Doll, Says She Is Now Ready For Kids (With The Zombie Sex Doll)

“The woman who married a zombie sex doll has revealed they’re consummating the marriage – and now are trying for kids.

Felicity Kadlec, 20, tied the knot with Kelly Rossi, a zombie doll who she claims is 37-years-old.

The ‘beautiful’ ceremony took place in Tiverton, Rhode Island, USA, and saw eight of Felicity’s other dolls attend to show their support.

Felicity, who now lives in Vinita, Oklahoma, claims that marrying Kelly has made then feel closer and more intimate – and now the couple are planning kids.

Felicity told The Sun: “We are exploring our options. It would be me carrying the child and using donor sperm.

“We haven’t got as far as working out the logistics of it yet – that is a work in progress, but it is something we are serious about.

“We have a loving home, why wouldn’t we want to bring a child into that world and raise them in the loving environment?” Mirror UK

That’s really what it’s all about folks.  Two people in love celebrating the love they have for each other and giving it out to the rest of the world.  You can’t script this kind of stuff. It’s a true Disney story, in fact it probably could be a Disney story with how sick Disney is sometimes.

Woman falls in love with a man.  The zombie apocalypse happens.  People everywhere are freaking out and this nice young couple is trying to find safety.  They get caught in a giant zombie heard.  He saves her life and is bitten.  Next thing you know Will Smith as a genie comes down and grants her one wish, because its Disney for some reason instead of wishing the zombie apocalypse never happened, she wishes he was a doll who would never die.  Her wish comes true, credits roll feel good story.  It would be less sad than Lion King and less racist than Aladdin.  Can’t ask for much more than that.  However, there is some parts of this that have made me curious.

Reading into the story I have some questions that I need answered.  Questions like, did she really have to specify that she would carry the baby?  Did she think we would be shocked that they needed a sperm donor?  Can I be the sperm donor? Are there pictures of the other dolls at the wedding? Oh there is?  Can I see?











Are there more?  There is?



Here are some more questions these pictures have brought up.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.47.28 AM.pngWhat is this mother fucker thinking from next door with this zombie doll wedding going on?  He has to be scared for himself and everyone around, but does love really scare anyone?  I think not.  My other question from these pictures is..

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.48.13 AM.pngIs this a doll? Or is this just a real zombie that came for the party?  That thing looks like it’s smiling and it is freaking me out quite a bit.

Maybe the least of my concerns but why did they have a destination wedding to Rhode Island?  The cute couples lives in Oklahoma I think it would just be easier to have the wedding in Oklahoma.  Leading into the idea of price.  How much do zombie sex dolls cost?  Is this a true blue sex doll?  Does it have a zombie penis?  Are there zombie sex doll women?

How did she decide the age of the zombie sex doll was 37?  Is that best guess or did it tell her that?  I doubt we will ever have a lot of these questions answered but I sure hope the couple last’s for many years.  I hope they have a beautiful zombie baby with whoever sperm they use.  I sure hope she is kinky because zombies can get bitey.


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