So Long Johnny Football


If you truly remember college football, you will remember one of the craziest years ever when Johnny Football glued our eyes to Texas A&M Aggie football.

The first great quarterback that I remember that was a titan in college football was Vince Young. His game against USC will be etched in everyone’s memory. That game also introduced the millennials to the dual threat quarterback. The game has seen many good dual threat quarterbacks over the years (Cam Newton, RG3, Michael Vick, etc.) but none were truly like Johnny Manziel’s  freshman season where it was truly like no other my young football mind has ever seen. That 10 yard pass against Bama where he ran almost 70 yards and almost got sacked 3 times, is a play I’m going to remember for the rest of my life.

johnny football.jpeg

Rip Johnny Football’s career, but does no one really even know what he actually did to really get released from his contract? I mean it has to be drugs/alcohol based or domestic violence right? Even then, there are no arrest records to back up the claim that something like that was even apart of this. And to get banned from the CFL on top of it. He must’ve really fucked up somehow or his agent blew it reading over his initial contract. It just sucks. I truly think after that first breakout season, everyone wanted him to do well, even though after all the trouble he got in, and everyone could see it coming again, we all wanted him to do well. I hope he gets better. Maybe a Texas A&M radio gig will be in the future.

Anyways, Gig Em.

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