Mike McCarthy Lost His Mind Last Night At A HS Basketball Game

Tough couple months for big Mike. Gets fired from the Packers, basically gets the blame for Aaron Rodgers’ entire career and now this. Never a good luck for an adult to fight with high school officials. Especially when you are a famous adult. Maybe because my child can’t walk yet but I don’t understand why anyone cares this much about high school sports. Or high school in general.

The kids have to go by law, the teachers hate the kids or they are having sex with them and literally anything that happens doesn’t matter. Who you are in high school means nothing. Drop out or valedictorian, doesn’t mean a thing in the grand scheme of things. And all the people that talk about high school like it’s the greatest thing in the world most likely work in a trade of some sort and have a tattoo they regret.

The moral of the story, Mike stinks and he is done. RIP Mikey

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