Branded Sports Has A GifJif Problem

Boys can get addicted to some weird stuff. Baseball cards, Star Wards, weird segments of Pornhub…and it’s time to bring light to a new addiction here at Branded Sports: GifJif.

I’m not usually the type to bring private text messages public but what is happening in the Branded Sports group chat is concerning. GifJif is an app where you can upload pictures of people’s faces into various Gif’s that already exist. Here’s one someone created of Aaron Rodgers spanking Skip Bayless. Pretty funny, I guess…


But recently the guys at Branded Sports have been concerning me a little bit, and I think it’s time for a GifJif intervention. Every day it’s GifJif after GifJif. In the group chat and on Twitter. It seems like if we go more than 20 minutes without a GifJif, people are getting anxious. If I scroll through my timeline and don’t see at least 3 GifJif’s in response to one tweet, I get nervous something happened to wipe out all of Branded Sports.

This blog off competition has brought the GifJif addiction to the forefront, but it’s been bubbling there under the surface for a while. Yesterday we had at least 7 wresting GifJif’s in a row.



I’m most worried about Ru. I can’t tell if he just recently got into GifJiffing, but the warning signs are all there. I’d like to see the breakdown of his phone usage. He’s admitted to spending 3 hours on GifJif but I’m not buying it. The pure joy that Ru gets from sending a funny GifJif is becoming a problem, and I’m concerned it’s starting to take over his life. Can he hold a baby in one hand and GifJif in the other?




This morning I woke up and I think some of the other Branded bloggers have the same concern. Was Ru up all night making GifJif’s to use for the day? Is the GifJif app taking over people’s lives, sacrificing a full nights sleep in the name of a good gif? It appears that way.



I don’t know what I can do as a supporter and innocent bystander witnessing this take over so many lives. Consider this my handwritten letter to everyone at Branded Sports with a GifJif addiction. We need you here to write funny blogs, podcasts and content for social media. I’m worried that continuing this painful GifJif addiction will have a negative effect on your lives and the lives of those around you. You can accept this offer and enter into GifJif rehab, or you can continue on the dark path to internet death. The choice is yours.

Looks like they’ve made their choice…



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