Village Idiot Max Kellerman Says Ben Simmons Needs To “Get Out Of Dodge” And Get Away From Joel Embiid And The Sixers If He Want’s To Be Good

What an ass hole Max Kellerman is.  Just an utter and total ass hole.  Not because he has once again attacked a Philly team.  Not because he is totally and completely wrong.  Because he has no credibility at all when talking about anything.  This man has aspired to be the next Skip Bayless, that is his career goal.  He aspires to be a troll that says the opposite of what is going on so people pay attention to him, and it worked!  Hell, I’m writing about him right now and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Let’s look into some recent transgressions about Max Kellerman, the village idiot.

  • Max said Tom Brady winning his 6th Super Bowl was meaningless because he didn’t do that much on offense.

Now I am not a Brady rider, I’m not a Pats fan however Brady is great.  Brady has 6 rings and you can’t take that away from him.  He can put up 5 points, or 50 points he has 6 rings.  For Max to want to stand so hard on his take that Brady doesn’t get credit for this Super Bowl makes him an utter and complete ass hole.

  • Max said he would take Anthony Davis over Embiid because of Embiids injury history.

Again, what an utter and complete ass hole.  Nobody can deny the Embiid injury history. Is it all his fault? No, a lot of it was just the Sixers not playing him to tank, some of it was this brother dying and being so depressed he couldn’t rehab and of course, some of it is Embiid’s own fault.  All of that being said it is tough to ignore AD’s injury history, not to mention when Max the village idiot made these comments about Embiid… AD WAS OUT WITH A FINGER INJURY.  One of the biggest complaints I see from Pelicans fans is AD is always out with some injury.  Are they serious injuries?  No, but I’ve seen ton of complaints about him being fragile like glass.  Meanwhile over the last 2 seasons Embiid has really had no issues.  Granted Fultz broke his face in half, but that’s not an injury prone thing when a grown man runs his skull into his eye socket.  Nobody walks away from that healthy.

  • Most recently Max says that Ben needs to “get out of dodge” and get away from Embiid

Max is a total joke.  There is no reason for this take other than trying to get people to pay attention.  Joel and Ben are dynamic on the court, they go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly the way Ben can get him the ball.  Does Ben need a jump shot sure!  Getting away from Embiid has NOTHING to do with Ben getting a jump shot it’s just such a stupid thought.  Only an ass hole would say something this dumb.

I’m glad Stephen A told Max the truth here and didn’t try to add to the hot take.  He said what he should have said “I’m getting sick from hearing you talk about basketball”  where Max like the village idiot cuck he is responds “Oh it’s to complex huh?”  No, Max it’s just that dumb it really is.  Never forget Max Kellerman is a man with no actual knowledge that is why he speaks the way he does.  He has no substance, he has no flair.  He is a man who has to sound like a moron for people to pay attention.  That is Max Kellerman and that is his world.

P.S.  How did this go from Sixers to a best in the league debate?  What was that about?  Stay on topic for me one time.

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