UPDATED: Red Sox Face Off Field Tragedy for the Second Time in Less Than a Week

On the heels of what was a terrible loss to the Red Sox community in Nick Cafardo, who passed away at camp less than a week ago due to a heart attack, the Red Sox have been hit with yet another unsuspected personal blow.

The Red Sox canceled media less than 15 minutes prior to the team beginning their press conferences for the day on Wednesday morning. Then the news came out that the reason for the cancellation was a player dealing with a family emergency.

There isn’t much good news that can come out of a situation like this, but this is at least comforting.

Everyone I’m sure is happy to hear no children are involved, but nevertheless it is clear that this has hit the team hard based on Price’s tweet and Cora’s emotional comments shortly after.


We hope everyone is okay and this blog will be updated as more news comes in on the matter.

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Jordan was brought in by the Swihart family and played football at the University of New Mexico. We continue to wish everyone the best.

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