Harper will fit right in with Philly LDS


Bryce already knows and appreciates the Philly LDS Tenple

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When picking a new city to call home, everyone has a check list to make sure it’s a place they’d like to live. Me: North of the Mason Dixon Line, East of the Mississippi, Can’t be the shithole that is New Jersey etc. So what’s on Bryce Harper’s and his wife Kayla’s checklist? One thing I know for sure that is on there and checks off in a big way in Philadelphia is a LDS Community.

Starting with the beautiful new Latter Day Saints Temple shown above in Center City and couple that with a long established community and church located in Broomall Pennsylvania, Mr. And Mrs. Harper will fit right in what is a great Mormon community.

Communities are important to members of the Latter Day Saints and while we might not be in the Mormon Corridor, Philadelphia can provide that sense of Mormon community that Bryce and Kayla want and deserve. Mix that with some Brotherly Love and I’m sure they’ll love their time in Philadelphia if they so choose.

Bryce I live right by the Broomall Temple, move right in and let me know I’d love to hang out.

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