Foles Files: Case Closed

Howie Roseman has announced that the Eagles will not apply the franchise tag on Nick Foles.

Foles will now become an unrestricted free agent and has the chance to lead a team.

I wish Nick the best, but it’s crazy that the Eagles couldn’t get something in return for Foles. It speaks to his value, because if there was a trade to be made I’m sure the Eagles would have tired to make it. Even if there was a deal, it clearly wasn’t good enough to warrant the hassle of tagging him.

The Eagles should now receive a third round compensation pick in 2020. Keep in mind the highest comp pick that was given out this year was the 96th overall pick.

Thank you for the Super Bowl, Nick!

We can now cross the Nick Foles situation off the checklist. The first order of business has been taken care of.

  1. Figure out the Foles situation
  2. Figure out the left tackle position/ O line depth
  3. Running back
  4. Pass Rusher/replenish D line depth
  5. Impact linebacker
  6. Secondary help (corner and safety)
  7. Burner WR

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