Could This Whole Robert Kraft Situation Be A New Live Action Black Mirror Episode?

This entire situation around Robert Kraft being charged with soliciting prostitution in a Jupiter, Florida day spa the day of the AFC championship game is a little out there. People are only focusing on the horror of an old billionaire paying for a BJ and not paying attention to the real tragedy of women being held hostage and forced into sex labor. It’s the type of juxtaposition that you only see on Black Mirror.

Could this be the next iteration of entertainment? Bandersnatch was an overall flop among true Black Mirror fans, so Netflix needed to step it up. I may be high as fuck, but it makes sense to me.

The internet is clamoring to be given the opportunity to watch a graphic hidden video of a 77 year old Robert Kraft getting pleasured by a masseuse. It’s a test, just like the politician fucking the pig in season 1. A risk, because that one is among the worst episodes, but the puzzle pieces fit. Like Nosedive, it’s a social commentary on how people handle things maturely and definitely do not rush to conclusions immediately. It had to be someone like Robert Kraft because he can overcome this.


Every Black Mirror episode is so creepily frightening because it’s something that is believable, it could and probably will eventually happen. This is not beyond the realm of possibility. It’s like Black Mirror mixed with the Truman Show. Do we all have chips installed in our heads to see what type of stuff we are going to tweet about it which will later be used against us? If so, I am definitely screwed. A real choose your own adventure.



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