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As some of you may or may not know Space Jam 2 is officially a go and is slated for a July 2021 release date. Lebron is set to star in the movie alongside Bugs Bunny and the rest of the ToonSquad. This should come as no surprise to you all because when King James signed with the Lakers people viewed it just as much a business move along with a basketball move and is hoping this will be his first blockbuster movie. Since the Lakers stink he probably should focus on his movie career at this point anyway…

But before the release of the movie I wanted to take a stab at the current NBA players that the Monstars could be stealing their powers from this time around. Replacing Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Sir Charles Barkley and Shawn Bradley will not be easy, but here goes nothing…

PG-Steph Curry.

Definitely could see them stealing his shooting and ball handling abilities… considering he already shoots it from Moron Mountain I would not be surprised if the producers gave Steph a role in the movie.

SG-James Harden

James Harden just flat out gets buckets and would be a great current player to get his powers stolen. I can envision this part of the movie now… mid game when they come to steal his abilities his patented flop will come out mid game.

SF- Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi is a deceptively funny guy when he actually decides to speak and would make a great actor. He is one of the most dominant two way players in the game which would be great for shutting down Bugs!

PF-Blake Griffin

He may be starting to lose some athleticism when filming comes around but still would make an excellent option. He is hilarious and if any of you haven’t seen his KIA commercial you should probably go watch them after this. He’s, big strong, jumps out of the gym and is a tough dude. He would make a great monstar.

C- Joel Embiid

How could I not include my guy on this list? He is turning into (if he already isn’t) one of the best centers in the game. Not only that… he’s hysterical with all of his social media posts and ones of the best trash talkers in the game!

Lebron has his work cut out for him if this is the group of All-Stars that he decides to choose from. With whoever he picks I just hope they decide to give MJ and Bill Murray some screen time!

-Messy Marv

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