DreamU losing a heck of a football coach.

If you have been a Branded Sports follower from the beginning you know that we are huge fans of Last Chance U on Netflix. You would also know that we are big supporters of the Independence DreamU Pirates and of course their head coach Jason Brown.

If you are not familiar with Coach Brown, he is a tough son of a bitch. He is a white guy who played football in Compton and who everyone respects. Doesn’t matter if you are white, black, purple or orange.

He treats every one of his players the same…


Yes, he has a mouth on him but guess what most coaches do. So what he is tough on his players… He coaches in JUCO where he is coaching players that have the potential to go pro but are literally on their LAST CHANCE, and he is there to not only save their football career but maybe their lives.

Coach Brown has recently been in a lot of “hot water” for an apparent text message exchange he had with a player. He apparently sent a message that was extremely hurtful and unacceptable.

The interaction was with a foreign player from Germany. I am not going to repeat or post the alleged message from Brown to this player. (If you would like to know what it was, it is very easy to find on the internet.)

However, after about a week of questions and investigations Coach Brown announced on Monday that he was stepping down as head coach of the Independence DreamU Pirates. And that is a very sad thing for the program and the players he could have saved from their last chance.

Coach Brown brought the Pirates from years and years of misery and losing to prominence again. Securing their only ever bowl win and making countless upgrades to the facilities at the school. And, he always did everything with his players and his team in his heart.

That is so obvious from the outpouring of love from former players, parents and coaches after he announced his resignation.


Those tweets don’t even scratch the surface of the outpouring of love and support for coach Brown. The man has touched so many lives, influenced so many kids. And… Made sure they made good on their Last Chance.

IF what was said to have been said is true, of course I don’t condone it or think it is anywhere close to acceptable. But I guarantee either does Coach Brown.

It is just said that we live in a society where a human isn’t allowed to make a mistake any more. So many people are out for blood, and they got it in this case. But the only people they are hurting are the kids at Independence that right now probably feel even more lost than they did when they hit rock bottom.

I hope coach Brown lands on his feet and coaches again. Not for him, but for the countless number of young men I know he will help. I played sports my whole life, and I never wanted a coach to be soft on me, I wanted the toughest coaching they could give… Because that meant they were trying to get the best out of me.

We will continue to be following you where ever you go coach. Never let this bump in the road stop you from doing what you were born to do…

Help others achieve what they never thought they could when they were at rock bottom.


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