Deadspin Editor Says Stuff She Should Not Have About Puerto Rican People

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Yesterday the Washington Post wrote an article on Deadspin with a title that left me feeling…


This is what they wrote…


Now, I’m not sure if this is satire, or sarcasm, or just plain honesty but this was the title.  The Washington Post called Deadspin the cool kids of the internet.  I am a bit of an expert on cool.  I’ve been to Cancun after all.  Deadspin is not cool, Deadspin is a joke on the internet that offers nothing but racism and anger towards everyone they deal with. Let’s not forget this is a website that said gay people need to “shut the fuck up”.  Anybody who doesn’t fall into their idea of humor and fun need’s to shut the fuck up.  They don’t like people who don’t form into their idea of a human being.  Sounds a lot like an evil ruler from the 40’s if you ask me.  Let’s look at some of the facts behind this.

Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini has been attacked by Deadspin a lot for being a woman who work’s at Barstool.  Personally I like Barstool, I think some people there are amazingly talented and funny.  I enjoy what they do and pay attention to it.  Some people to put it lightly, are walking trash of nonsense.  That goes for any organization, website company.  (Except Branded Sports where everyone is amazing and a great person) also except for deadspin where everyone is the inside of Kent State gun girls diaper.

Why do they hate Erika Nardini?  Specifically because she is a woman who does not conform to their standards of what a woman should be.  Deadspin think’s women should talk a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way and never make jokes that might be a little to edgy.  Deadspin prefers to do rousing thing’s like this.


Oh man! LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!  What else do these comedic geniuses have?




I’ll tell you something, I was being sarcastic when I made fun of the oyster thing.  Watching these guys identify milk must be astounding content.  I bet the site froze down with people rushing to watch that.  Besides all of that, what about the point of this blog?  What did she say about Puerto Rican people?  Here it is.  Direct quote.


Is this heffer serious with this quote?  This is the new “Well it’s ok I have a black friend” but, its way worse.  Greenwell, who is a putrid woman who hates woman based on looks and success and nothing else. Added that in there to act like she is cooler, or more understanding of other cultures.  If someone else said something like this she would have her entire group of losers and misfits writing 10 page hit pieces that nobody on the internet would read.  She is USING a Latin culture to show she is cool.  She is also in a not so subtle way making one of the most unknowingly racist comments she could think to make.

Why did she feel the need to say this?  Was she saying she lives in a more dangerous area because they are Puerto Rican?  Was she acting like she is more down to earth because of it?  There really is no reason to add this on to any sentence ever.  It’s racist and it’s wrong.  That is what Deadspin is though.  Deadspin is racist in their own way but doesn’t have enough self-awareness to realize it.  Let’s not forget homophobic.


Let’s also not forget they like to make rape jokes.


That’s what deadspin is.  A company with no self-awareness, no idea of what is right, wrong or funny.  They are just another company on the internet that at one point was great (Because they were the only blog on the internet).  Once more blogs, more sites, more places to read became available, Deadspin died.  They started posting video’s of women being raped and not taking it down when the victim asked.  They illegally posted video’s of Hulk Hogan having sex and now he owns them all.  Deadspin is the trash of the internet.  They are the kid on the playground who is dirty, smelly, doesn’t shower and eats dirt.  They don’t care about equality or anything of the sort.  Deadspin care’s about one thing, pretending to be cool, better, and funnier than you are.  In their own world they are great, in reality they are trash.  They’re always going to be trash and that’s never going to change.  Deadspin hates Trump, when they are the internet website version of MAGA.  They are what they hate, and you hate to see it.

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JJ Redick Is Hot
JJ Redick Is Hot
February 26, 2019 11:11 am

The ending of this was like watching a murder ….. except I was reading it

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